St. Louis has a good track record for welcoming and resettling immigrants and refugees. The International Institute of St. Louis has been and continues to be the driving force to make that happen. Immigrants and refugees bring culture, commerce, and new and international culinary arts and cuisines. No major US metropolitan area can or has experienced recent positive net population growth without immigrants and refugees.

Many Afghan people have supported U.S. and international forces and are in grave danger if they stay behind. Please consider donations as we prepare to welcome and rehome weary travelers who must leave their homes in Afghanistan and for others coming to our community in search of better lives.

The International Institute has outlined specific items needed at this time: Call 314-773-9090 x 0 and speak with reception about the best way to drop off. The Institute is overwhelmed right now so keeping it simple would be great. If you can’t reach the Institute, you are welcome to drop off your donations at 2711 Clifton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63139. We will ensure that all supplies/donations reach the Institute. Our partner, Sarah Swatosh, is on the Board of the Institute.