Employment Law

Having problems with severance negotiation?

Severance Negotiation

We may be able to help you secure, or improve a severance package instead of filing a lawsuit… »

Have you been terminated because you are a whistleblower?

Whistleblower Protection

Have you been treated unfairly, forced to quit or fired for reporting illegal conduct? Contact us … »

Are you a victim of age discrimination?

Age Discrimination

If you are over forty and think your age was a factor in a work issue, we may be able to help. »

Are you a victim of sex discrimination?

Sex Discrimination

Women are sometimes treated differently than their male co-workers; we may be able to help… »

Are you a victim of race discrimination?

Race Discrimination

Stereotypes and biases are often problems for African-Americans and other minority groups on the job… »

Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

Employers are legally obligated to provide reasonable accommodation to all types of disabilities and illnesses… »

National Origin and Religious Discrimination

National Origin and Religious Discrimination

Employees may be targeted for ethnic reasons, religious faith, or origin of birth; find out more… »

Have you been a victim of Workplace Harassment?

Workplace Harassment

Have you experienced inappropriate sexual touching, jokes, comments? Have questions? Contact us … »

Have you been a victim of Retaliation?


Have you been treated unfairly on the job for speaking out against discrimination or harassment? Call us … »

Have you been a victim of overtime and minimum wage violations?

Overtime and Minimum Wage Violations

Are you not being properly compensated after working a 40-hour week? Have you been denied the federal, state or local minimum wage? Learn more… »

Non-compete agreement problems?

Non-Compete Agreements

Do you have questions regarding the legitimacy and legality of a non-compete agreement? Learn more… »

Was your contract violated?

Breach of Contract

Sometimes employers don’t fulfill their contractual obligations. Contact us if your employer has failed to honor your contract… »